Studying In Retirement – For The Love Of Learning! 

Since retiring, I’ve certainly been enjoying the extra time. I’m making a noticeable dent in my to-be-read pile, and though my husband seems to have more of a brain for it, I’m trying to get better at sudoku.   But what I’d really like to do is complete a postgraduate degree that I never managed to […]

Step up or step aside

Employment for the over 50s is nearly as much a hot potato as housing for younger Australians. Many baby boomers feel pushed aside and this adds to the invisibility factor I talked about a couple of weeks ago. It isn’t nice to feel undervalued or unappreciated. Many of us need to work for financial reasons, […]

Volunteering – a noble aspiration!

One of the things regularly recommended for retirees is to take up a voluntary role. Indeed, volunteering can be a great way to keep connected and maintain our self-worth. Many of us will have done volunteer work throughout our lives through involvement in long standing service groups, e.g. Lions, bodies associated with our children’s school […]

Retiring not Shy!