The thought of Chrismas shopping makes many of us want to just run away and hide, but it doesn’t have to be like that. Use our gift ideas to shop online, avoiding the crowds, minimising your spend, and being confident that everyone will be delighted with your selection.

We all know that Christmas can be one of the most stressful times of the year and as the temperatures rise in Australia so can your anxiety. There is no need to mix it with the crowds or spend hours searching for the perfect Christmas gifts. Here are some ideas to help you keep your cool.

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Get started with a Xmas gift list

Who do you need to shop for and where do they live? Will you see them on Christmas day, or will you need to post a gift? If your recipient lives overseas you have missed the deadline for shipping by sea but you will still be able to send by air. We also have some ideas below for gift cards which can be sent electronically.

Once you have your Christmas shopping list in order set yourself a budget. Don’t forget to add in wrapping and, where it applies, postage. Consider where you might trim your budget by purchasing a gift for an entire family instead of for each family member. Perhaps a gift certificate from Booktopia which can be used to buy one or more books for each person – much less expensive to post too, and no risk that the recipient has already read that title.

summer holidays are perfect for reading-a book is always a popular gift idea
Put some books on your Christmas shopping list

Christmas shopping for men?

Why is it that we typically find shopping for men more difficult than for women? Here are some ideas for the men in your life. Several of them also apply to women. 

Yes of course books are always a great idea and as well as gift certificates you might like to shop the Gifts for Him list in the Booktopia Christmas Gift Collection. Booktopia not only has great pricing but their delivery is always super speedy. Whilst you are there check the other Gifts For….suggestions from Booktopia for ideas for other people on your shopping list.

Other great gift ideas for men include shoes or a gift voucher from The Athlete’s Foot. This is our favourite shop for buying sports shoes and with over 130 stores Australia wide it won’t be difficult for the recipient to be professionally fitted for new shoes. By the way your won’t be limited to sports shoes, the store also sells travel shoes and sandals.

If you purchase online you can be assured by the 30 day returns policy that any misfits will be addressed (check the terms and conditions on the website). The Athlete’s Foot also stocks shoes for women and children and the range includes brands such as Rockport and Merrell for women and children’s sandals from Nike and Clarks. Alternatively you can purchase Clarks Shoes direct from their online store.

Are the men in your life lovers of watersports? Why not a new beach towel from Adairs or Bed Bath N’Table? We just purchased three of these for interstate family members so they have their own when they come to visit and use our pool (it’s OK, they probably won’t read this post).

Also, if you have kayakers in your life (male or female) you might find some great gift ideas in this post.

No kayakers to buy for but some keen gardeners? Here are some ideas for them. 

a beach towel is the perfect Christmas present idea
Going to the beach, why not gift a new beach towel

Alternatively if you have a son who is about to set up a new home there are lots of gift ideas for him at homewares shops. New bed linen, towels, bathroom accessories, beautiful tableware etc. will all be welcome gifts. 

And finally, what about some T2 Tea for the tea loving men in your life? Not only does T2 stock delicious teas and tisanes they also have lots of teawares and sampler packs of tea selections and yes they have gift cards as well. And of course T2 teas make a great gift idea for any family member or friend. 

HINT check out the Women’s Gift Section to follow, there are more ideas there for the males in your life. Look for the words in BOLD print.

Christmas Gifts for the women in your life

Many of the Christmas present ideas for men can apply equally for women so do check out the links above for teas and teaware, books, sports shoes and gorgeous ideas from homewares stores.

But then there are the female only gifts that you might like to consider for the women in your life. Or maybe forward this post to the men in your life as a big hint or print it out, circle this section and leave it in a highly visible spot.

not a fan of christmas themed clothes try these stylish alternatives
Christmas socks aren’t really needed in Australia but a stylish outfit can be the perfect gift, read on….

How about a gorgeous xmas gift from Birdnest? Birdsnest have gift ideas at every price point, from jewellery at $20 upwards to garments, shoes and complete outfits. AND I only just realised as I was writing this post they also stock some fun gifts for men (but not men’s clothing). Just follow their ‘Gifts for….’ link to find great ideas for men as well as for everyone in their family. We have in the past done a lot of Christmas shopping at Birdnest, and it’s a great option if you aren’t close to stores. Their 2019 Christmas Gift Ideas include games, technology products, fun socks, etc. Birdnest also sell gift vouchers in denominations from $25 up – perfect for the fashionista recipient without your risking buying ‘the wrong thing’.

There are so many apparel Christmas gift ideas for women and all of the following brands also offer gift cards or vouchers. Where the item cost is relatively high, like a pair of shoes or a dress, why not club together with others so that the recipient gets several vouchers for the one brand. 

So here are my suggestions:

Adrift Clothing for beautiful garments perfect for the Australian summer and with styles for all ages and sizes. Adrift also offer gift vouchers in a variety of denominations. And don’t forget to check the accessory and jewellery options from Adrift; lots of great options here for inexpensive gifts, stocking fillers or oops something for you that just fell into your shopping cart! Read more here about Adrift.

don't get stressed by christmas shopping

Does Christmas shopping make you just want to go to sleep and wake up when it’s all over?

Have you missed the cutoff for international postage?

Many of the gift cards and vouchers from the stores above come in electronic form. Check that the chosen supplier ships overseas and send your gift card electronically. That way the recipient can shop at their leisure.

And don’t forget the old favourite – say it with flowers. Interflora delivers flowers internationally as well as within Australia. The perfect gift for the person who has everything and particularly for delivery to hospitals, nursing homes etc. 

Interflora also does beautiful gift hampers – one of my favourite fallback ideas if all else fails. Who doesn’t love a hamper full of delicious treats, and Interflora offers a number of personalisation options which can be added to the delivery. 

Flowers can be a lovely xmas gift
Send flowers to those who are not with you at Christmas

A few more words on gift vouchers as gift ideas

I know gift vouchers are divisive but in my experience the younger generation in particular is always delighted to receive vouchers. But do be careful when choosing vouchers, to make sure you know the validity period for the voucher and any other terms and conditions. And of course make sure the recipient is also aware of any limitations or restrictions. 

And whilst you are planning your Christmas shopping you might also like this post on healthy Christmas food (with some treats as well of course)

I hope this post will help take some of the stress out of your Christmas shopping. Did you find a new idea here? What other ideas do you have that could inspire our readers whilst taking off some of the pressure?