Finding a great place to retire can make a difference in so many ways, particularly in improving your emotional and physical health. We couldn’t be happier with our choice of Noosaville.

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Diving into life in Noosaville, a great place to retire and enjoy life

Having once made a mistake in choosing where to retire we wanted to be sure that we got it right the next time around. Of course one can never be 100% sure, but more than 12 months on we feel very pleased with our choice of Noosaville to retire to.

In choosing Noosaville we kept our retirement location checklist close to the front of our minds and that has made an enormous difference to how we feel about our choice and our lives.

Why Noosa is one of the best places to retire in Australia

Putting aside our personal requirements and experience, these are some of the boxes that we believe the greater Noosa area ticks for retirees

A broad range of health and medical facilities

We live within walking distance of our doctors, a small hospital with an emergency department, a pathology lab and a pharmacy, plus a number of other ancillary medical services. There is no major hospital here, but those facilities are relatively close by as well.

In addition to the allopathic medical services nearby, Noosa is well serviced by naturopaths, an excellent homeopath, chiropractors, osteopaths and physiotherapists, dental services, optometrists, masseuses etc.

Our health care also includes opportunities to keep fit in retirement and we have a choice of gyms as well as great walking tracks, Pilates and Yoga studios etc.

We are both feeling healthier and more motivated as a result of the great facilities and services available to us. We have been able to work on our wellness in a preventative mode rather than a fixing mode. Having said that, we have also been very grateful to have an emergency department close by rather than a long ambulance drive away.

Gym equipment at Noosa Aquatic Centre
Having a good gym has been important to us

Good public transport services make for a great place to retire

Noosa is well serviced by public transport. Within the local area there are regular bus services as well as taxis and Uber.

Getting out of the area is relatively easy too. The Sunshine Coast Airport is just a 40 minute drive away, with flights to domestic destinations currently, and plans in place for international flights in the mid term. 

We also have Greyhound services to Brisbane and other locations, as well as rail services up and down the Coast from the nearby hinterland towns and villages.

These factors were important to us in choosing where to live, having previously lived in a remote location with limited options for transport.

A good town to retire in provides a sense of community

There is no way we could have anticipated how wonderful our neighbours are, but we are truly blessed with friendly and generous neighbours in our street and nearby. Not to suggest that everyone in Noosa is delightful all the time or happy indeed, but by and large we find the people we socialise with have a keen appreciation of how lucky we are to live here. We find ourselves surrounded by people who are enjoying life and making the most of every day. 

Perhaps part of the reason it has been so easy for us to make a life here is that so many people who live in Noosa are from somewhere else. There is none of that sense that you weren’t born here and thus you will never be accepted.

Proximity to family and friends

In a vast Country like Australia this is always a challenge and there really isn’t any right location to meet all our wishes in easy access to family and friends. Having good transport options helps us to get to, and to be visited by, those who are remote, and we are fortunate to have some of my family and some of our good friends living further down the Sunshine Coast as well as in Brisbane. As well, I have family located north of us on the Queensland Coast and it is especially poignant to have been able to spend time recently with my eldest brother shortly before he died. 

Of course the flip side is that we are now geographically distant from Rowan’s son and his family as well as some of our very dear friends in Canberra and Melbourne. We are fortunate to have the physical health and financial means to be able to travel to visit those connections, and of course for them to visit us. There is no doubt that living somewhere as beautiful as the Noosa region is a great incentive for friends and family to visit.

Noosa Main Beach
We love to visit the beach – usually Rowan swims, I walk, and then we grab a coffee

A great food location

Whether it be buying fresh local produce at the Noosa Farmers’ Markets for cooking up a storm at home, or dining out, we are overwhelmed with choice. 

We are both foodies and cooks, and love the garden produce from the Hinterland as well as delicious seafood from the Sunshine Coast and of course beef, lamb and chicken as well. Free range and organic options are readily available, and there is a strong focus both in retail and in restaurants on local produce.

Clovely Estate Vineyard Cellar Door
The South Burnett Wine Region is a short drive away for a pleasant outing.

Ah yes, the restaurants. We are so spoilt for choice both within the main Noosa area and in the surrounding hinterland. Whether you are seeking a burger or a 5 star dining experience, Noosa has it in spades. Restaurants, bars, pubs, breweries, wineries, a meadery, the choices are endless and at all price points.

Our greatest challenge is to not lose sight of our budget, whilst still enjoying the incredible options on offer.

And whilst we are talking about food, let’s not forget about the very lovely South Burnett Wine Region.

The natural environment and a mild climate

The view from Noosa National Park
Noosa’s walking tracks have provided a great incentive to keep fit

We are blessed to live in a Unesco biosphere with all that means. Fresh air, pristine waterways, scenic walks in both urban and bush environments. Everything is here for you to enjoy. 

In addition the climate is mild with crisp winter evenings and mornings, humid but not unbearable summers, and delightful spring and autumn weather. It is not uncommon in winter to find those from overseas and our southern states basking in the sun on the beach and enjoying the ocean, whilst we locals cast a wry smile.

Excellent shopping and services

Noosa itself has excellent shopping and we have found the service friendly and helpful almost without exception. All the major services are here and if not here, one is almost certain to find businesses like major furniture retailers a short drive down the Sunshine Coast. 

As well as retail services we have found great tradespeople and other providers such as pool care businesses, gardening services and builders. This has meant we are able to ‘lock up and leave’ our home as we wish, knowing that someone will take care of things in our absence.

So what are you waiting for

If you haven’t yet visited Noosa and you are wondering whether or not it is for you, I recommend you pay a visit and see for yourself.  Check out these great deals currently available on accommodation in Noosa.

Not sure if Noosa is for you, check out what our colleagues say about their choices of retirement location.

Have you visited the Sunshine Coast area? Does Noosa sound like a place you would like to retire to? What is on your checklist for a great retirement location?