The message said something like this ‘Hi, I’m Jo a producer at 60 Minutes and I would like to speak with you about a program we are putting to air on changes to superannuation policy’. Sure you are … I thought to myself and sure you do!

Fortunately, I then popped over to LinkedIn and found out Jo actually was from 60 Minutes. Gosh and they wanted to talk to little old Retiring not Shy! But then they would find out we are a tiny quite new blog and it would all stop….. (impostor syndrome kicked in big time for me).

A couple of days later, Rowan and I had an hour long conversation with Jo and began to have a sense that this would really happen. There were hurdles to be overcome, but the possibility of a 60 Minutes team coming to Mallacoota to interview us became more and more real. That team included Ross Greenwood, Business & Finance Editor for the Nine Network. That was truly intimidating – I had been aware of Ross since his days as Editor of Personal Investor and I have a great deal of respect for him.

Arrangements were made and the Saturday morning dawned when the bulk of the filming was to occur. The cameraman, Richard ‘Dickie’ Malone and the sound recordist David ‘Tangles’ Ballment, had arrived the previous evening and we were to work with them to film some ‘b-roll’; footage that might be cut in around the actual interview component. Things didn’t start well for these guys; they woke up to find their van had a flat tyre. But for us that was a perfect ice breaker and we were able to relax and work with them to get everyone on the road and out to some locations for this part of the shoot. That involved radio microphones for both of us and the shooting and re-shooting of several scenes in a couple of different locations. Careful what you say Rowan and Jan, because David can now hear every word!

The challenges for the crew continued with a delayed flight out of Sydney for Jo and Ross, but they arrived as our lounge room was being set up for the interview and my hair and makeup was being finished by a professional. That in itself was an experience – over an hour to get my makeup looking ‘natural’ on a high definition camera!

Now the nerves began to show big time. This is Ross Greenwood, in our lounge room and I really don’t know if I am even going to like him. And is 60 Minutes setting us up to look like nan and pop, will we feel humiliated? Impostor syndrome rushed in again.

But there was no time for a lot of nerves as we headed out for some location shots with Ross and enjoyed hearing about his previous visit to Mallacoota. Gosh, he was a real person and incredibly easy to talk to.


Back to our home and a cup of tea for everyone whilst Rowan, Ross and I had a chat about the next step – the actual formal interview. Ross gave us the best advice for the situation; ‘forget there is anyone else in the room it’s just the three of us having a chat’. And indeed we did have a chat and it was surprisingly easy.

There were a few re-takes on some important points then it was time to down cameras and microphones and share a glass of red before repairing to the pub for dinner.


Sunday dawned and Ross and Jo headed back to Sydney, whilst Dickie and Tangles shot some more ‘b-roll’ footage with us. By now we felt totally relaxed and had a lot of laughs with these two. We finished the shoot with some footage of us in our kitchen preparing a late lunch. We were under pressure to get that done quickly, as Dickie had declared he was hungry and was looking forward to eating what we prepared.

Cameras and microphones were downed again and replaced with cutlery and wine glasses. We spent the rest of the afternoon talking and, for our part, mostly listening to their tales of adventures and misadventures in the line of duty.

So far so good, the subsequent interaction we have had with the Nine Network has been a very productive and positive experience

From that suspicious and nervous beginning we can only say that filming with 60 Minutes was one of the most enjoyable, indeed fun, things we have ever done. We found the entire crew personable, professional and very engaging. Would we do it again? In a heartbeat.

Have you been on TV? Tell us about your experience. If you haven’t yet been on TV, what would you think if you received the sort of initial message we received? Would you be terrified, suspicious, excited or a mix of all of the above?