Give me some space please! Personal space requirements

Too often I find when sitting in a crowded restaurant or in a space with lots of things in it and lots people, I seem to become, as my father would put it, bumble-footed. No, I’m not alcohol or drug affected but my personal space requirements are not met in much modern design. Interior design […]

International travel planning – how we do it

International travel planning is for us where the journey begins; let us share some tips on how we plan and book our travel. We love to travel (I know, I keep telling you that don’t I), and for us the journey begins long before we board a flight or hop in the car or on […]

Daily Management; time management in retirement for getting the most out of your days.

Using daily management tools (or time management in retirement) is perhaps even more important now than when in full time employment. One of the greatest challenges of the newly retired is finding purpose and satisfaction in life. During our years of employment, goals and objectives are often set externally by our employer. As employees we […]

Tips for getting out of a mental health hole

Life is generally pretty good for Rowan and me, but we have been challenged over the past six months. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am the first to say that many other people experience far greater challenges than we do. Having said that, a few things have happened and as a result I found […]

Retiring not Shy!