The basics of financial planning for retirement– getting started

Having at least some basic financial planning skils in place is essential to a satisfying retirement and we recommend you develop your personal investment plan. Here is an outline of how we went about this. Alternatively, you could just win the lottery but “Hope is not a strategy”  and so far that hasn’t worked for […]

Adrift Clothing; stylish garments for every woman

Adrift Clothing rightly claim their pieces are for Every Woman and I definitely agree. Whether shopping at Adrift Online or in store, their garments will have you feeling fabulous, and at realistic prices too. Founded in Brisbane in 2012 by Rebecca Pullar, Adrift fashion accommodates all women regardless of their size, age, style preference or […]

Granada and the Alhambra, a must visit in Spain

Visiting the Alhambra Palace was a long held dream of mine but when we got to Granada in 2017 we found the Alhambra to be just one of Granada’s treasures. Getting to Granada We arrived in Granada by first class train from Madrid, and were delighted by the Spanish train service. In truth first class […]

How to stay on your feet; top tips for preventing falls

As we age the risk of falls increases and each fall decreases our confidence and may also seriously impact our mobility. Read our tips for preventing falls. Keeping active and strong is key for fall prevention Just like with every other aspect of ageing, keeping active and strong is essential to maintaining your independence. Working […]

Retiring not Shy!