Penang – the Pearl of the Orient – and a terrific compare and contrast to our time in Singapore. Almost everything is different here – definitely the prices and yes it is grubbier and not as well maintained – but this is Asia, in a way that I know Asia, whereas Singapore maintains its charms […]

Step up or step aside

Employment for the over 50s is nearly as much a hot potato as housing for younger Australians. Many baby boomers feel pushed aside and this adds to the invisibility factor I talked about a couple of weeks ago. It isn’t nice to feel undervalued or unappreciated. Many of us need to work for financial reasons, […]

A gap decade and a new dog

David is 58 years old and Gill 48. It is just on two and a half years since David retired as a management professional, or as he describes it, started his ‘gap decade’. Gill continues to work full-time in a busy senior management role. David and Gill are tertiary educated and describe themselves as socially […]

Travel packing for blokes

Fellas, this is the closest you’ll come to thinking like a woman, so listen up. There’s a message from the airlines: ”We don’t like weight!” Particularly on international flights. If you are flying to a single destination, in a warm climate for just a couple of weeks, packing should not be a challenge. However, if […]

Christmas past and present

Christmas! When I was a child that word held so much excitement and promise. It was rich with tradition and expectation. It started weeks before the actual day, with the arrival of what seemed to have been hundreds of Christmas cards which were opened, passed around for reading and then displayed on the venetian blinds […]

Across the generations

Mother was raised on an orchard in the Huon Valley, Tasmania and like many who grew up in the 1930’s depression, she was a determined, single-minded, independent woman who never had a full time job. Her education was limited; not finishing high school. Married just before World War II, Mum spent time in Canberra and […]

Retiring not Shy!