Must have travel items; what to pack to bring ease to your travel experience

There are now so many wonderful products that enhance our travel experiences. I asked several colleagues to share their must have travel items, and included a couple of my own. We came up with a list of gadgets and some personal style and comfort essentials. Wherever you are travelling, these travel essentials will have your […]

Styling with Accessories; ways to bring variety and fun to your outfits

There are so many options for styling your outfits with accessories; whether to bring colour, warmth or panache, or indeed a combination of all of those things. I share some of my favourite ways to bring variety and fun to your outfits, and save money in the process. Styling with hats Let’s start at the […]

Travel toiletries and make up; tips to lighten the load but still look good.

Along with shoes, your travel toiletries are likely to be the heaviest things in your suitcase. Try these ideas to lighten your load but still look great. We are always looking for ways to lower the weight in our suitcases, and as we are about to travel for 10 weeks the pressure is on to […]

Travel capsule wardrobe; how to plan and create yours for an extended trip

Having a travel capsule wardrobe that works is essential when travelling for an extended period. This is our second 6 week trip to Europe and I always spend considerable time planning what I will take to wear. Once we have done our travel planning I start at the most obvious place which is the weather […]

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